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Dear Mike,

Thanks for your fax.

The absence of brochures isn't a problem [these had not arrived yet in England at time of this writing - M. Kontor ]; I think if a product is good enough then it doesn't need literature - it stands up in its own right.

We are getting on really well with the speakers. We knew they were good when we first heard them [at the London Ramada Hi-Fi Show] (that's why we took them on!) But it's only just dawning on us just how good they are.

It's rare for us to get a product which all the staff like, but your speakers have attained this, and Phil is thinking of getting a set for himself.

They are certainly one of the best, if not the best, brands we have and we will probably be getting rid of the Wilson Witts! (Please don't quote me on this!)

Anyhow, we've already sold our Virtuosos, so would be grateful if you would send a Proforma for another set in piano finish.

Incidentally, we only noticed after some time that the colour of our Virtuosos was a very sublte green! Was this intentional [yes ] or accidental?! If it was intentinal, we'll have another set the same.

Best regards,
Peter Sanhen

Note from :

The Virtuoso's that KJ WEST ONE sold in one afternoon's auditioning were bought by a dyed in the wool audiophile who normally takes months to make a decision about a new piece of gear.  The green finish is piano black with a green metallic sheen deep within the black, noticable only in certain lights.  It's an "optional extra", at a small increase in price.